Company overview

Your customers deserve better from the beer they drink - they don't just expect
this from you, they demand it. Tailoc deliver the exciting experiences,
the new discoveries, the chance to explore new cultures and lifestyles through
the beers we drink. Driven by a lifetime's passion, we've dedicated years to
discovering the world of flavours to bring you the beers to engage, enlighten
and delight your customers – and have them coming back for more!

Wherever you stand - brewer, buyer or barman – we know how much quality
beer matters to your business. Tailoc give you a real advantage: a
diverse and comprehensive portfolio of premier brands and extensive
knowledge to keep producing the results.

In a competitive marketplace, the specialists will always stand above the
average and the ordinary. Welcome to the world of craft Vietnamese beer,
where Tailoc want you to experience the very best.
if you'd like to know more please contact us.