Sample the Far East
         with Tailoc

Tailoc Ltd are the sole UK independent importer and distributor of specialist and craft beers from Vietnam including Saigon quality Vietnamese brands.

Our company is built on a passion for finding the best beers from around the world and building strong working relationships, both with the craft brewers from whom Tailoc import directly and our customers: bar owners and operators, wholesalers, restaurateurs and retailers.

Within our website you will find information on the speciality beers we represent including Saigon Export and Saigon Special and much more from around the world.

Quite simply, the Tailoc ethos is to bring to you the best in natural and high quality craft brewed beers. So if you are looking for something different take a look at what Tailoc can deliver to put you heads above the competition.

Welcome to the website of Tailoc.

Our Brands

We have carefully sourced well known brands from the Far East. Driven by a lifetime's passion, we've dedicated years to discovering the world of flavours to bring you the best beers to engage, enlighten and delight your customers.